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Collage 01

Collage 02

Collage 03

Collage 04

Collage 05

Collage 06

Collage 07

Collage 08

Collage 09



Mosaic 01

Mosaic 02

Mosaic 03

Mosaic 04

Mosaic 05

Mosaic 06

Mosaic 07

Mosaic 08

Mosaic 09

Mosaic 10

Mosaic 11

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Mosaic 18

Mosaic 18

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Mosaic 20

Split Canvas

Split Canvas 01

Split Canvas 02

Split Canvas 03

Split Canvas 04

Split Canvas 05

Split Canvas 06

Split Canvas 07

Split Canvas 08

Split Canvas 09

Split Canvas 10

Our “Templates” category

We added this category to show the clients what can be achieved in the three products as in Mosaics, Collages and Split canvases. We added some samples of the various layouts that we can use to add and show your pictures just the way you want it.
It is completely customisable. You start off by choosing one of the basic layouts in the templates category. Thereafter you choose the background image or colour, how many images, added text or any other features like hearts, arrows or whatever. Even the font you like best.
So you give us your photos, text and type you chose, then let us work our magic to give you an initial proof. You then reply back and forth until you are happy with the design. If you wish, this can also be done over the phone or via skype.
This is the most creative category by far and the nice thing is that you can have any look that you are after, be it for your own home, or a present for someone, especially the grandparents, that didn’t grow up in our era where we can produce these wonderful looking canvas prints.