Frequently Asked Questions

1What is the thickness of the canvas on the wall?
Either 20mm or 40mm. We can customise any request as well.
2What is a 'Wrapped edge'?
The image is wrapped around the frame edges, giving it a wrapped appearance. This overlap is also called the amount of bleed. The framed edge can also be white.
3Will my pictures look good on a canvas print?
Firstly it depends on the quality and resolution of your image. When you upload your image, we will be able to let you know if it is unsuitable for the required size. The bigger the print, the bigger the image needs to be.
4Will the colours on my canvas print be the same as what I see on my monitor?
It will be as close as possible, as all monitors differ in colour settings and because the canvas have texture, it will give a different feel to your image. Don’t expect a glossy paper image. That is not what canvas is about.
5What is a split canvas?
It is one image, split over a bigger centre canvas flanked by two smaller ones either side. You can however come up with any possible design and let us know. A typical panorama image works best.
6What is a collage?
It is a collection of a few separate canvases designed to produce any affect you’re after. They are different in size, but are hung with spaces in between to form a rectangle or other shape.
7What is a mosaic?
It is a composite image with many photos of different shapes and sizes, put together as a mosaic, scrapbooking style. It is then printed on one canvas to the size of your preference, then stretched or framed.
8What is a box framed canvas?
It is a separate frame (found in our frames section) that fits around the stretched canvas. There is a gap between the two that is created with a L-shape inner frame that holds it all together. You can then still see the canvas edge and it looks like it almost floats.
9Do you accept special framing requests?
We do, if you do not find a suitable frame in our frames section, tell us your needs and we will accommodate it with a quote and lead time.
10I'm a photographer and would like you to use my photographs for remuneration?
We are looking for fresh images daily, so please contact us directly and we will work out a deal for you.
11Can you edit my image?
Basic editing is included with your order. This includes blemish removal, red-eye and changes to black and white or sepia. Anything more , just talk to us and we will advise on any costs.
12Will my print fade or warp?
As long as you hang it indoors and out of direct sunlight your print should last up to or more than 25 years. Warping comes with extreme changes in humidity, so if you move from the Namib desert to KZN it will be a good idea to let your canvas acclimatise on a flat surface for a few days, with some light weights on the four corners. If not for this extreme change, your canvas will be fine.
13Can I clean my canvas print?
Simply dust or after dusting, wipe gently with a mild detergent.
14What media can you reproduce from?
Preferably the raw image as it came from your camera, it gives the best result. We accommodate most formats. Contact us with any special requests and we will gladly accommodate.
15What resolution do you print at?
Between 150-300 dpi (dots per square inch) depending on the type of image.
16What about sizes?
We try and stick to the standard sizes we offer, as in A0, A1, A2, A3 but sometimes the image asks for a different size. We will either crop your image to fit the standard or else if you add notes to the order, we will put it some special effort to give you exactly what you need. Square and panorama images will also be dealt with as non-standard.
17How do I send my image or images to you?
You simply upload it through our website (limit of 10mB). If you have multiple images, then you can send it via You add the email address as a link to your images and we simply download it our side.
18How do I hang my canvas?
Canvas frames are hung from the top frame and the supplied hooks.
19Can I collect my order?
If you are in a hurry, you can collect from us in Montana, Pretoria.
The couriers we use is in business for 25 years and deliver anywhere in the world. Our courier takes special care of our products that comes wrapped for protection. You will receive a daily update on how far your order progressed and a waybill number that you can track your delivery once it has shipped. We will deliver to you free of charge if you live in one of the main centres listed below. If you stay further afield, we will quote you directly for delivery to your address or you can collect at one of the above depots.

Gauteng: Johannesburg; Pretoria; Vanderbijlpark.
Western Cape: Cape Town; George.
Eastern Cape: Port Elizabeth; East London.
Kwazulu-Natal: Durban; Pietermaritzburg; Richard’s Bay.
Mpumalanga: Nelspruit; Witbank.
Northern Cape: Upington; Kimberley.
North West: Potchefstroom
Limpopo: Polokwane
Free State: Bloemfontein
21What is your returns policy?
Firstly, we send you a preview of your print or framed canvas that you need to accept. We check each product for quality and will not ship if it is sub-standard. We bubble wrap the product and our couriers are known for the care they take in delivering your product without damage. If it does happen that you are not happy with your order, please send us an email with a description of the problem and some photos to show us. We will then go out of our way to replace your order in the quickest possible way.
22If I order today, how long until my canvas arrives?
The production time for a canvas is 3 to 5 business days depending on the season and volume. The courier will take another day or so in Gauteng and 2-3 days elsewhere in South Africa. We strive to have your order delivered in one calender week from your order.
23What about a 100% satisfaction guarantee?
It is simply what it says. We will not ship any order if it doesn’t comply with our own high standards and if it doesn’t arrive in that same condition, we will rectify the problem immediately, no unnecessary questions asked.