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Your Own Custom Canvas Printing

This is simply our uploader page for you to send your custom canvas printing images to us. You can upload images of up to 10mB in total. If you have more or bigger images, then you should rather “dropbox” it to us. You create a folder in dropbox and e-mail us the link that we then simply download. If you are unfamiliar with dropbox, simply go to www.dropbox.com and click on ‘get started’. It is really simple and works fantastic.

You will use our “own image” up loader to get your images to us that we will use to create your mosaic, collage or split canvas.

Simply select the file from your computer, fill in your name and other details as on the form and submit. Easy as pie, we will then go to work and do our magic for you! We will reply to your e-mail with a proof image for you to approve and /or request any changes.

Only once you’re happy with the result, will the order process be done where the price is finalised and payment done in order for production and delivery to be done.