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305-BK01 (synthetic)

857-BK02 (synthetic)

ER-715-CB (synthetic)


Dark Wood

205-6 (synthetic)

8715-TT45 (synthetic)


ER-716-BLK (synthetic)


664E (synthetic)

850-AG01 (synthetic)

855-AGG (synthetic)

Q920-A (synthetic)

Light Brown Wood

055-W82 (synthetic)

8715-TW82 (synthetic)


ER-176-WLT (synthetic)


839-BCS3 (synthetic)

1122-B (synthetic)

5008-BCS (synthetic)

ER-042-B (synthetic)


749-H (synthetic)

1110-C (synthetic)



White Washed

416-H12 (synthetic)

712-F (synthetic)

870-H12 (synthetic)

4715-TH12 (synthetic)

Box Frame

allows the canvas edge to still be visible



Our “Frames” category.

We have included this category to show our clients a selection of 28 frames that can be added to the stretch canvas. Either sitting on top of the canvas like a normal oil painting, or with the “box framed” section that allows the edge of the canvas to still be visible. In that case the three prices are added up, for the canvas, the frame and the box-section. Separate images are there to show the “boxed frame” look.
We added four frames of each style of frame and they are Dark wood, brown wood, white, white-washed, gold, silver and black. Then there are two bigger and two smaller types of each. Generally the two smaller types will work best with A3 and A2 size canvases while the two bigger frames will go well with the A1 and A0 canvas prints. But this is only a guideline and ultimately for the client to decide.
There are obviously hundreds of more frames at your average framer and simply too much to add to our frames section. If you do not find a frame to your liking you are most welcome to tell us your needs and we will source it for you. Our framers are in Pretoria-East and you are also welcome to visit their showroom. Simply let us know.