Composites & Panoramas

Composites & Panoramas

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*(PAN) = Panorama

Panorama Canvas Printing And Composite Canvas Printing

This category have some really special and different images.

 “Composites” are the images that we photo shopped and changed the colouring to different shades of black and white. We generally adapted the image to give a striking, yet different look. They look awesome on the bigger stretch canvases.

The “Panoramas” are just what they are.. BIG AND WIDE! They can be cropped and changed to fit the size of your wall. Only a certain part of the panorama image can also be used if you prefer or you have a wall that only allows a certain canvas size. Because of the many different applications, we will advise you on the size and price.

Because of the big and odd size of these canvases, they will tend to warp in some way and therefor it is important to fit them differently than a normal canvas. That will include a few more fasteners around the canvas to hold it firmly on the wall. If you are not a handyman, we will advise that you source one that will be able to hang your panorama professionally.