Barn Buddies SA

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June 2, 2015

Barn Buddies SA

Barn buddies canvasMy daughter and I were introduced to the wonderful people at Barn Buddies SA. They have the privilege of owning these six stunning horses that are lovingly and expertly taken care of. She goes for riding lessons twice a week and it is the highlight of her week!

I made them a panorama canvas of their six horses, showing off their beauty in the late afternoon sun. From left to right they are as follows:

• Jasper, an Anglo-Arab gelding: 14 years old and the old man of the group. He hurt his front leg tendon recently and is on “light duty” for six months.

• Salvador, a SA Boerperd: 4-years young gelding and the most curious of them all. He will come and sniff at your new shirt or smell your deodorant – almost dog-like, but oh so cute!

• Shavelle, a warm blood mare: 5-years old – comes from a champion show jumping bloodline and is now ready to start with formal training to also dominate those high jumps.

• Bi Jou: Shavelle’s older half-sister – shares the same mother. She is 7 years old and will also undergo the same training. She has the white “socks” feet and white spot on the forehead.

• Touna: also an Anglo-Arab – 9 year old gelding and the fittest of them all. Will be going on an 80km endurance race in Heidelberg this weekend. We’ll be going with to share in the experience and excitement!

• Last but not least – Del-Monté (or Montie for short): a Pintabian gelding and 4 years old. Also going on the endurance race circuit shortly. He has a wonderful character and always nibbles at my shoes!

And then in the centre of the picture, holding the canvas, the proud owners (lucky ones!), Henri and Amanda Potgieter. They are beautiful children of God and an example to us all. God blessed them with these beautiful horses: some of them, including the two champion offspring mares, Shavelle and Bi Jou, were given to them as a blessing and are worth more than your luxury car!

They started Barn Buddies where they are available to take in Down Syndrome and other special needs children for therapy using the horses. It works wonders for these children. Jasper, the old man of the bunch, is used primarily as he is so used to the kids walking under him and pulling his tail. A true gentle giant.

They are posing with Del-Monte on the left and Bi Jou on the right, which finishes off this beautiful picture! Some of the other photos here are pics from the footage I got on the photoshoot. I removed the background and changed it to white and also played around with the contrast, etc.

On the other pics I isolated the horses and put them on a different background and setting. They are well travelled, as they have visited the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco as well as the Etosha plains in northern Namibia. That is virtually off course!

I am available to go for more photoshoots if you have your own horse and would like to have that special canvas of your son or daughter on their horse. Alternatively I can do a collage of a few images on one wall – the options are many and your imagination can run wild!

We still have the special running of R900.00 for an A1-size stretched framed canvas, so give us a call today!

Threesome  Etosha Pan, Namibia Chavelle & BijouGolden gate

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