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Canvas Printing

Looking for Canvas Printers?

We do custom canvas printing of the highest quality. We only print on Picasso canvas that reproduces crisp colours, detail and depth.

The texture is very smooth and gives the end product a unique look. Size matters, so they say…we print anything from A3 upwards to panorama canvases of more than 3m.

With our split canvas printing designs you can have a panorama of 6m wide! With a collage design you can let your imagination run wild. Any combination of sizes and portraits or landscapes. All depending on what the wall you have in mind, allows. For the stretch frame canvas printing, we use a wooden section of 20 x 40 mm and the thickness can therefore be ordered in either 20mm or 40mm. We can customise a thicker frame of up to 100mm for that real bold look!

The edge detail is also important, you need to choose between a white edge border or a wrapped image border. The wrapped edge will need to have sufficient space around the actual subject in the image, for part of that subject not to disappear around the corner. If the subject is too close to the edges of the image, then a white edge should rather be chosen. On top of the stretch canvas, you can even add a real external frame to give it a more contemporary look.

We can also add a box-frame section that is an L-shape part that fits between the canvas and the frame, making the canvas printing edge visible, making it look like it floats on the frame. In our frames category, we added 28 of the latest, trendiest frames for you to choose from. We have an online ordering system whereby you can choose an image/s, the size, thickness, colour and more, or even upload your own image for us to use. We receive an e-mail with the order and within six hours will confirm the order with a final proof that you then accept with by the way of a payment via EFT. We will then commence with printing, framing and delivering your canvas to your selected delivery address. It is all about convenience and a professional end product.

All the images in our categories are of a high resolution quality that can be printed on canvas up to A0. Some of them and including the panoramas are even bigger in size, allowing very very big canvas prints. Those types of canvas printing fall under our special orders and notes have to be added, explaining the order after which we engage with the client to make sure the objective is met.

When a client uploads his/her own image for us to use and print as stretched canvas or mosaic then you need to understand that print size is dependent on image size (pixels and file size). That means that a cell phone image will not be able to be printed any bigger than A4 or A3 depending on camera quality. Therefore, before you order a certain size of your own image, firstly make sure the image is big enough. If you are not sure about it, upload it anyway or e-mail it to us and we will review it and let you know if it is suitable for your needs.

We are also able to edit your images, so any red-eyes or unwanted items can be easily removed. Special effects can also be added.

We can create a work of art from your image by adding text, ribbons, hearts, frames etc. The ideas are endless and you can really let your imagination run wild.

Our canvas printing categories include Wildlife and plantlife, Landscapes, People and abstracts, Wheels wings and things, Composites and panoramas. Then we also have a section to show frames, templates for collages, mosaics and split canvases.

Lastly we have an our photographers canvas printing category where some of the best amateur and professional photographers have shared their images with us for you to browse and order.

Happy browsing!